Lloyd, Erica


Hi everyone, welcome to my homepage. This page is here to display some of my work and interests. I am a student of biotechnology at FGCU graduating Fall of 2022. I'd like to get people excited about what I've done as part of my education with this website. I'm primarily interested in molecular biology, however, linguistics and computing are also of interest to me. My aspirations are to become an expert in bioinformatics and contribute to the field of molecular biology and genetics.

Senior thesis

My research has primarily focused on the expression of genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. This plant has been the topic of popular study since like the 90s when scientists realized that its brief generation time made it a rediculously good model for molecular biology. Currently I am focused on comparitive biology of Arabidopsis with Melaleuca quinquenervia, and invasive species here in Florida. I plan on doing GUS assay for the MADS box gene APETALA1 and its melaleuca homeolog in an arabidopsis model system. We hope to gain insight into the flowering systems in melaleuca since it grows and flowers notoriously quickly.